Watch/Pause/Rewind the video on how to open a locker.

How to unlock my locker:

  • Turn Knob RIGHT (clockwise), two or more complete turns, stopping at [the first number].
  • Turn Knob LEFT (counterclockwise) one complete turn past [the first number] stopping at [the second number].
  • Turn Knob RIGHT (clockwise), stopping at [the third number].
  • Lift up the handle. (If the locker does not open, try sliding the handle down and back up again)

Locker Locations:

0001-0807 Admin. Bulding 2nd Floor
0808-1593 Admin. Bulding 3rd Floor
2001 - 2372 Lib. Arts Bulding 2nd Floor
2373 - 2714 Lib. Arts Bulding 3rd Floor

H-1 - H-226 Admin. Bulding 2nd Floor
H-227 - H300 Outside 2nd Floor
H-301 - H-570 Admin. Building 3rd Floor
H-571 - H-644 Outside 3rd Floor
H-645 - H-658 Northwest Corner Adm. 3rd Floor

Locker Policy:

  • A locker is a privilege and should not be taken for granted.
  • The student will each be issued a locker combination and they are responsible for learning the combination. If a student loses or forgets his/her combination they will need to come into the office before school and/or after school.
  • Students must keep lockers clean.
  • No food/drinks allowed.
  • The student is responsible for his/her locker, if tagging, drugs, or other inappropriate objects are found inside the locker, then the student assigned to the locker will be held responsible.
  • Please let your son/daughter know that he/she must not lend or share lockers with anyone.
  • Lockers will be randomly searched daily.
  • Any staff personnel at any time when necessary may open locker.