Clubs and Activities

Fundraising Form

Dear teachers/sponsors: Please download the form, type it, print it, get all the signatures; then submit it to Mr. De La Rosa in the Student Store.  


Update: 2021-2022 If you are interested in joining a club, please contact the class sponsor for more information. You may communicate with teachers via the message feature in Schoology.

Fundraising Form (123.28 KB)

Form must be typed and submitted 3 weeks in advance. 

CLASS / CLUB NAME                                           SPONSOR NAME

Class of 2021 (SCO)                                                                        Ms. Avila/ Mr. Laird

Class of 2022 (JCO)                                                                         Ms. Villegas/ Mr. Khatchaturian

Class of 2023 (SOCO)                                                                     Ms. Alpuerto/ Ms. Malec

Class of 2024 (FCO)                                                                            Ms. Hernandez/ Mr. Cohen


Academic Decathlon                                                                      

Amnesty International                                                        

Animal Awareness Club                                                                 Mr. Yee

Anti-Bullying Club                                                                           Ms. Clark/ Mr. Oliveros

Arabic Honors Society                                                                    Ms. Daher

Arts & Crafts Club                                                                            Ms. Lee


Asian-American Heritage Club                                                      Ms. Lee

Band                                                                                                   Ms. Silverman

Books & Beyond                                                                              Ms. Ortiz

BRIDGES                                                                                          Mr. Hicks

Broadcast Team

BSU (Black Student Union)                                                               Mr. Dunbar

C.A.P.E. (College Awareness, Prep & Exploration)                         Mr. Cohen


Chinese Language and Culture Club                                           Mr. Zhang

Circle of Friends                                                                               Ms. Smith

The Click                                                                                           Mr. Oliveros

College-Readiness Club                                                                 Mr. Hicks

Computer Science Club                                                                        Ms. Soto

Cooking Club                                                                                   Ms. Lee/ Ms. Levitsky

C.R.A.F.T. (Creative Research of Artisan Foundational Techniques)             Ms. Gallegos

Dance for the Seoul                                                                         Ms. Okada

Drama/Stage Craft                                                                           Ms. Kissam

Eagle Rock Dance Company                                                         Ms. Okada

Eagle Rock Equestrian                                                                   Ms. Clark

Eagle Rock Mock Trial Club                                                           Ms. Malec

Eagle Rock Model United Nations (ERMUN)                               Ms. Clark

Eagle Rock Wish                                                                             Ms. Lee

Eagles Weightlifting                                                                         Ms. Alpuerto

Engineering                                                                                       Mr. Tse

FLY Program                                                                                    Mr. Fukuchi

Future Farmers of America                                                            Mr. Mailes

Glee Club                                                                                          Mr. Caesar

Go Green                                                                                          Ms. Mendoza

Helping Hands                                                                                  Mr. Oliveros

History Day                                                                                       Ms. Villegas

The Hive                                                                                            Mr. Oliveros

Homeless Support Club                                                                 Mr. De Leon/ Ms. Malec

International Dance Club                                                                Mr. Pedro Martinez

Journalism (“The Eagle’s Scream”)                                                  Mr. Hicks

Junior Eagles Association                                                              Ms. Leonido

Key Club                                                                                            Mr. Cohen

Mental Health Awareness Club                                                    Ms. Avila/ Ms. Roman/ Ms. Busch

MESA (Mathematics/Engineering/Science/Achievement)                Ms. Ramos

Nintendo Club                                                                                   Mr. Laird                   

Recycling Club                                                                                 Ms. Gallegos

Robotics Team                                                                                 Mr. Tse

SAGA                                                                                                 Ms. Kissam

Science Olympiad                                                                            Ms. Gallegos

Shark Club                                                                                        Mr. Pedro Martinez

Shrek Enthusiasts Club                                                                  Ms. Kissam

Speech & Debate Club                                                                  Mr. Walters

SRLA (Students Run L.A.)                                                                Mr. De Leon/ Mr. La Chica

Student Art Editorial                                                                        Ms. Clark

Team HBV Club                                                                               Mr. Jacobson

Truth Be Told                                                                                    Mr. Dignadice

Tech Lab                                                                                           Mr. Laird

TOTEM Yearbook                                                                            Ms. Youngblood-Jarman

UNIDOS                                                                                            Ms. Franco

Video Production                                                                             Mr. Cohen

Warhammer School Club                                                               Ms. Maddox

Wellness Club                                                                                  Ms. Petkova

World Fit for Kids (after-school program)