WASC Report


What is WASC?

handsglobe wascWASC is an accreditation process, which is an ongoing, perpetual cycle of assessment, planning, implementing, monitoring and reassessment: The process is guided and assisted by self-study, visit and follow-up.  Basic concepts addressed in this process focus on student success and the school’s performance.  The self-study process assists schools with an in-depth look at what currently exits and what needs to improve in relation to student needs. 

Every six years, a school conducts an in-depth self-study to examine the overall progress accomplished since the last self-study and the effectiveness of its current program, which is written in a summary of findings, along with the updated school-wide action plan. After the WASC visitation, the school can receive a six-year, a six-year with a visit in one-year, or a six-year with a visit in three-years, depending on how well they have met the requirements of the WASC criteria in relation to student achievement. 

Parent involvement is crucial to our self-study and in the development and refinement of our action plan, vision and expected school-wide learning results.  Therefore, we encourage you to join the parent focus group.