Special Education Resources and Supports

Special Education programs at ERHS include the Resource Program, Special Day Program, CBI Program, MRM/Autism Program and Inclusion Program. Support Services can be located in Room 100.

Meet the Staff:

Name/Position Send Email Phone
Christina Cisneros, Administrator of Special Education Email (323) 340-3809
Laura A. Orellana, Supervisor of Special Ed. Assistants Email (323) 340-3523

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Most resources and questions about Special Education can be found at LAUSD’s website for the Division of Special Education (http://achieve.lausd.net/sped).


When are families notified about upcoming IEPs? Families should receive a 10 day notification from the case carrier. Families can request to waive the 10 day notification for specific issues.

Where are IEPs held? IEPs are held in one of the following rooms: 210A (except Thursdays from 11am-11:30am), AP office, Library Conference Room, Rm 220A , Rm S1, Room 100, Principal’s Conference Rm, or occasionally in the case carrier’s classroom. 




Website: http://achieve.lausd.net/sped


Forms: http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/3328 

  • "Request for a Surrogate Parent" form to the Special Education Service Center as soon as the need for a surrogate is known. (Available in the Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual, page 301, not 304 as indicated on survey)
  • When a behavior emergency intervention is used with a student with an IEP, staff must: (1) within 24 hours, notify parent or guardian, (2) complete a Behavioral Emergency Report (BER), which must be submitted to the Division of Special Education, Behavior Support Office and the Special Education Service Center Administrator (SESCA) within 48 hours of the emergency intervention, and (3) schedule an IEP meeting within 48 hours to discuss the need for a FBA or an Interim Behavior Response Plan (IBRP) or to modify a current BSP. BUL-6269.0 Multi-Tiered System of Behavior Support for Students with Disabilities
  • During the student's final semester in high school, the school develops a "Summary of Performance" (SOP) and provides it to the student. http://dots.lausd.net, click on "Teacher" tab 
  • When preparing for an IEP team meeting for a student whose behavior impedes learning, school staff should complete the Multi-Tiered Implementation Assessment (MIA). When an IEP Team considers behavioral services, the completed MIA is required. REF- 6269.0 (BUL not REF) Multi-Tiered System of Behavior Support for Students with Disabilities
  • For students with the eligibility of Emotional Disturbance, the initial and three-year IEP includes an "Emotional Disturbance Disability Certification" form.


Special Education Information for Families-http://achieve.lausd.net//site/Default.aspx?PageID=638

Special Education Resources for Families-