Return to Interscholastic Athletic Conditioning
(New procedures, please read carefully)

The following requirements must be completed prior to athletes entering the campus for return to athletic conditioning: 

  1. Signed Waiver of Liability and Statement of Understanding (New Requirement - Attachment C)
  2. Student Athlete Compact (New Requirement)
  3. Athletic Clearance Form 
    Login to using username and password.  Select the “New Clearance” button on the upper left hand corner. Complete any required fields for student information, educational history, medical history, and consent. Print and Sign the “Parent Consent” form.  
  4. Physical Evaluation Form with Physicians Stamp.       Please allow 5 days for the school health nursing staff to review the physical form to insure that it is fully completed before athletes are cleared to participate.   Before a student may try out for an interscholastic athletic team, evidence of having a cleared physical examination with no restrictions must be submitted for each year of competition.  A physical examination is valid for one calendar year from the date it was given. The annual physical examination must be completed and signed by a licensed physician and stamped by the office where the physical was performed.  
  5. Two Copies of Students Current Health Insurance Card. 
  6. Academic Eligibility - CIF requires any student must achieve an unweighted 2.0 grade-point average, on a 4.0 scale for participation in athletic contests.  20 week grades may be used to determine eligibility during the probationary period if the 10 week grades do not meet the 2.0 minimum requirement. GPA requirement is being considered by district.
  7. COVID-19 Testing 
    LAUSD athletics has mandated all athletes are to complete the district COVID screening protocols and testing 72 hours prior to the start of conditioning.  Athletes must test negative for COVID-19 prior to entering the campus and determined eligible for upcoming try-outs.  The testing process should take less than 10 minutes and test results will be provided within 24-36 hours. 

    Visit for information on COVID testing.   

    Testing appointments may be made here:



All parents and students must complete this new process in order for students to participate in competitive sports at Eagle Rock High School.  After completing the online process, you will need to print, sign, and return the:
1. "Consent Form" 
2. Physical Form and
3. 2 copies of the student’s health insurance card to the Athletic Director.
4. Signed Waiver of Liability and Statement of Understanding & Student Athlete Compact (New Requirement)


1. Athletic Clearance Form "Consent Form"

2. Physical Evaluation Form

When completing the online clearance process, you will need to download & print the appropriate form.  The completed and signed form will need to be returned to the Athletic Director along with the signed consent form.  Be sure that the doctor includes a DOCTOR STAMP.  ONLY ORIGINAL PHYSICALS ACCEPTED.


3. Proof of Insurance

Please provide 2 copies of the student’s health insurance card.


4. New Requirement Forms

Please complete and provide the following forms:



CIF Los Angeles City Section requires special forms when a student is transferring from one school to another.  Make sure you are adhering to all of the eligibility and transfer rules. The online athletic clearance process is not the only form you are required to complete.  The Athletic Director will contact you and provide you with the appropriate forms.


Once you complete the online registration process, the athletic clearance is good for the rest of the academic year.


If you are using a public computer or leave your browser session open, make sure you (a) save all of your work and (b) log out to protect your information.  The athletic clearance system will automatically expire and log you out of the system, if your session is idle. 



Other Forms

Transportation Forms:

Form B (83.93 KB)
Form C (75.1 KB)


Excusal From Class (33.02 KB)
Field Trip Slip (616.7 KB)