Parent Involvement

Eagle Rock Magnet Advisory Council (ERMAC) Meetings


The ERHS Magnet Program is fortunate to have a very active and energetic Eagle Rock Magnet Advisory Committee (ERMAC), whose purpose is to support the Magnet Program.  ERMAC meets monthly on Wednesdays at 6pm in our Library.  The meetings, open to all Magnet parents, are facilitated by Joseph Cohen (the Magnet Coordinator) and the agenda for each meeting is determined with parental input. 

ERMAC Meeting Agendas always include an Open Forum, an opportunity for parents to ask questions, share concerns, and provide input on ERMAC-sponsored events.

The ERMAC officers are elected in the final meeting of the year (usually May) and serve for one school year unless  interested in serving for a longer term.  Our current President is Christine Smith.


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