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IB DP Coordinator & Teacher

Language & Literature

Educational Philosophy:

I aim to expose students to as wide a range of perspectives as possible. Self awareness is important, but egocentric habits of thought can lead to culturally influenced preconceptions about others. I wholeheartedly believe in the International Baccalaureate's guiding principle of international mindedness which is more than just familiarity with a few different foreign holidays and customs, but is an empathetic communion with ideas and ways of life different from our own. It broadens understanding of the world and our individual places within it. To reach these goals, I draw on inquiry, dialogue, collaboration, research, and habitual reflection. When students connect their personal experiences to global ideas they embody the aspiration of Eagle Rock's mission which includes becoming more insightful, internationally minded, compassionate citizens.

What I value most about ERHS:

ERHS is a unified, vibrant, diverse community with fantastic kids.

About Me:

I am currently the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and have taught IBDP English Language and Literature, IBDP Theory of Knowledge, AP English Literature, AP English Language, Journalism, Film Production, and Drama since 2003. I can be reached at and reply to emails within 24 hours.


College Degree/Major Year
Kenyon College B.A./English 1994
Cambridge University - The British and European Studies Group Certificate/English and Theatre 1994
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Diploma/Classical Acting 1999
California State University - Northridge Teaching Credential/English 2006


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