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Graduation Requirements

To ensure all LAUSD graduates have the option to enroll directly into a university and be prepared for a career, the District has implemented a College and Career Readiness through A-G initiative. LAUSD has aligned its graduation requirements with the California State University (CSU) A-G requirements, beginning with the graduating class of 2016. Students must earn a grade of "D" or better in "A-G" courses, and meet California Department of Education Requirements as well as satisfying additional LAUSD requirements for graduation. We are making the high school diploma a document that gives students the choice to transition straight into a college or into a career.




A. History/Social Science

1 year World History

1 year U.S. History 

No Validation 

B. English 

4 years 

No Validation 

C. Math

3 years 


D. Laboratory Science

2 years 


E. Language Other Than English 

2 years 


F. Visual & Performing Arts

1 year 

No Validation 

G. College Preparatory Elective

1 year 

No Validation 




Additional Requirements



Principles of American Democracy

1 semester 



1 semester 


Physical Education

2 years 



1 semester 


Total Numerical Credits






Non-Course Requirements



Service Learning



Career Pathway



·         Students in the graduating classes of 2017 - 2021 must pass all courses with a grade of "D" or better.

·         Semester courses earn 5 credits. Yearlong courses earn 10 credits. Exams do not earn any credits. 

Note: “Validation” refers to the granting of “a-g” credit when a student successfully completes advanced work (earning a grade of “C” or better) in an area of sequential knowledge. Validation does not meet numerical credit requirements, satisfy CDE requirements, or meet course enrollment requirements in any subject other than Language Other Than English (LOTE).

For more information, please visit the GPS for L.A. Unified - Supporting College and Career Readiness website.


Transcript Request Form 

Transcript Request Form

The Counseling Office seeks to combine accurate and timely dissemination of information with consistent quality service that is responsive to the needs of Eagle Rock Junior and Senior High School. Guided by this commitment, we seek to facilitate student enrollment, and diploma completion, while providing increased efficiency in maintaining academic records for Eagle Rock Junior and Senior High School. 

Work Permits



The Work Experience Education Office will be open during Winter Break to support students seeking a Work Permit. The office will be open on the following dates:

  • December 20th - 23rd
  • January 3rd - 7th

Please be advised, the Work Experience Education Office will issue the work permit valid for 2 weeks. This will allow the student to obtain employment long until it is determined by the school WP authority or counselor if the student may continue to be employed. 

Please contact our office at 213-241-7053 or visit our website for more information