Students interested in participating in sports for the 2024-254 school year will need the following items:

  1. Physical 
    1. The LAUSD Physical Form should be used.
    2. Please make sure you have it completely filled-out and signed.  Also make sure the date of physical, doctor’s signature, and a stamp from the doctor’s office is on the form. 
  1. Confirmation Page/Message
    1. This can be obtained through www.homecampus.com
    2. Make sure both the student and parent signatures are on the form when turning it in.
    3. Turn in a Confirmation Page/Message Form for each team/sport on which you are hoping to participate. 
  1. Health Insurance Card 
    1. This MUST be uploaded to https://www.homecampus.com


All parents and students must complete this new process in order for students to participate in competitive sports at Eagle Rock High School.  

After completing the online process, you will need to print, sign, and return the:
1. Confirmation page from Homecampus.com website. 
2. Physical Form:

Physical Form (200.45 KB)

3. Upload health insurance card to Home campus website: https://www.homecampus.com.

1. Athletic Clearance Form "Consent Form"

2. Physical Evaluation Form

Physical Form (200.45 KB)

When completing the online clearance process, you will need to download & print the appropriate form.  The completed and signed form will need to be returned to the Athletic Director along with the signed consent form.  Be sure that the doctor includes a DOCTOR STAMP.  ONLY ORIGINAL PHYSICALS ACCEPTED.


3. Proof of Insurance

Upload the student's health insurance card to the www.homecampus.com website.


4. New Requirement Forms (If applicable)

Please complete and provide the following forms:


CIF Los Angeles City Section requires special forms when a student is transferring from one school to another.  Make sure you are adhering to all of the eligibility and transfer rules. The online athletic clearance process is not the only form you are required to complete.  The Athletic Director will contact you and provide you with the appropriate forms.


Once you complete the online registration process, the athletic clearance is good for the rest of the academic year.


If you are using a public computer or leave your browser session open, make sure you (a) save all of your work and (b) log out to protect your information.  The athletic clearance system will automatically expire and log you out of the system, if your session is idle. 



Other Forms

Transportation Forms:

Form B (83.93 KB)
Form C (75.1 KB)


Excusal From Class (33.02 KB)
Field Trip Slip (616.7 KB)