Clubs and Activities

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CLASS / CLUB NAME                                           SPONSOR NAME

Class of 2024 (SCO)                                                                            Ms. Hernandez/ Mr. Cohen

Class of 2025 (JCO)                                                                             Ms. Mitchell/ Mr. Keller

Class of 2026 (SOCO)                                                                         Ms. Rincon/ Mr. Gudex

Class of 2027 (FCO)                                                                            Ms. Munoz/ Mr.Ozaki


Clubs with approved constitutions for 2023-2024 school year

Club name Sponsor Name
Arts and Crafts club Ms. Murphy
ASB Mr. Gastelum/ Ms. Van Ostrand/ Mr. Cohen
Asian American Heritage Club Mr. Yee
Band Ms. Silverman
Boys Basketball Mr. Dunbar
The Bookshelf Ms Maddox and Ms. Olsen
Bridges Mentorship Club Mr. Hicks
Cancer Awareness Club Ms. Montec
Junior class officers Mr, Keller and Ms. Tellez
Computer Science Club Mr. Torres
Cross Country Mr. Martinez
Dance Company Mrs. Okada
Girls Basketball Ms. Wilkins
FFA Ms. Trujillo
Hope Club Ms. Villegas
IBDP Ambassadors Ms. Clark
Jewish Student Union Mr. Carrano
Key Club Mr. Cohen
Lego Club Ms. Petkova
Magic the Gathering club Mrs. Cisneros and Mr. Martinez
MESA Ms. Gamage and Ms. Malec
Middle School Houses Mr. Hicks
ERHS Paper Pals Ms. Stough
Red Cross Club Mr. Depaolo
Eagle Rockbotics Mr. Carrano
Girls Soccer Mr. Aguilar
Sunrise Club Mr. Hernandez
Tennis Team Mr. Jacobsen
THREADS Ms. Maddox
Womens charity and support club Ms. Gamage
Wrestling Mr. Lopez





All clubs need to turn in a constitution to be approved by ASB. You need a request to form a club form signed by the principal, a copy of your constitution, and a sample budget. Please see the links below.

Application for student club form

Constitution template

Sample Budget