Service as Action

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Service & Action Ideas

Tired of doing the same old thing and looking for a new and interesting challenge? The list below will provide you with some ideas for investigating your next Service as Action activity!

General Ideas:

􀁸 Send cards to soldiers serving overseas.

􀁸 Read books or letters to a person who is visually impaired.

􀁸 Organize a fundraiser basketball game and donate proceeds to a local charity

Helping Children and Schools:

􀁸 Tutor children during or after school

􀁸 Collect clothing and donate them to a local organization

􀁸 Collect used sports equipment to donate to families or after-school programs

􀁸 Assist an athletic coach or sports program

􀁸 Organize an event to help students make new friends

Helping Animals and the Environment:

􀁸 Take care of cats and dogs at an animal shelter

􀁸 Organize a recycling contest at school

􀁸 Build and set up a bird house

􀁸 Volunteer at the Horticulture center

Helping the Hungry and/or Homeless:

􀁸 Help organize and sort donations at a homeless shelter

􀁸 Volunteer at a soup kitchen

􀁸 Organize a food drive and donate items to a local shelter

Promoting Safety:

􀁸 Create a public service announcement (Posters, Slideshow, YouTube video, Webinar, Podcast, etc.) against drug & alcohol abuse, bullying, profanity, littering, texting & hate crimes, and many more...

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