Special Education Resources and Supports

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We are excited to welcome all of our students, families, teachers and support staff back. 

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by the Division of Special Education.


Special Education programs at ERHS include 7-9th Grade Inclusion Program, Resource Specialist Program, Intellectual Disability-Moderate, 10th-12th Grade Special Day Class, and Autism, Alternate Curriculum.


Special Education Support Team

Christina M. Cisneros, Administrator of Special Education (cmc0506@lausd.net)

Janice Lopez, Bridge/ELL Coordinator (jrl9080@lausd.net)

Laura A. Orellana, Supervisor of Special Ed. Assistants (lap4326@lausd.net)

Francisca Echeverria, MCD Clerk (fxe5769@lausd.net)

Please contact your Special Education team at 626-788-1836 if you need support.

Special Education at ERHS during Closure 

IEPs and Instruction will continue to be held virtually during school closure due to the COVID pandemic.  Ms. Echeverria will contact families to schedule IEPs by phone and email.  We are making every attempt to ensure overdue IEPs are completed completely by September 30th while maintaining the required deadlines for upcoming IEPs.

Virtual IEPs can be signed with an electronic signature. In the event we are not able to get a signature, we will have IEP safe "SIGN AND DRIVE" DAYS EACH THURSDAY FROM 11:30-12:15. 

Assessments for eligibility and re-evaluation will resume when school resumes normal operation and/or when it is deemed safe to do so.  If you have requested an initial assessment and believe your child may need more support, a Student Support and Progress Team (SSPT) can be held to determine the type of supports can help your child succeed. 

Parent's and students should be able to log onto Schoology through the Parent Portal to communicate with teachers, access curriculum, and monitor student progress. Parents can also access their child's IEP through the ParentPortal.


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Dispute Resolution Information:  https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11278

Most resources and questions about Special Education can be found at LAUSD’s website for the Division of Special Education (http://achieve.lausd.net/sped).

Need to reach the Division of Special Education:  Please call 213-241-6701.