The Intra-District Permit Application Process @ERJSHS

We will begin processing Intra-District Permit Applications on May 10, 2021

These are unprecedented times and we have worked very hard (remotely) to create platforms and systems that meet district expectations and guidelines and enable prospective families to successfully enroll in ERJSHS, an International Baccalaureate World School rich with traditions and excellent academics, arts, and athletics.  We anticipate there will be more intra-district permit applications than we can accommodate.  Please recognize that permits are processed in the order they are received. Per district policy, incomplete permit applications (including supporting documentation) will not be processed. It is imperative that you fill out the application carefully and completely.  Thank you for your patience as we creatively move forward.


Our Intra-District Permit process is as follows:

  1. Fill out your information on our Interest List for Intra-District Permits (the link to this will be active on May 10, 2021)
  2. Prepare the required documents for the permit:
    • Intra-district permit application (with resident school signature)
    • proof of residence
    • student grades 
    • additional documents specific to your chosen permit type (see the LAUSD Policy Bulletin)
  3. Look for an email (from us) with a link to the Required Documents for Intra-District Permits platform
  4. Upload the documents to the Required Documents platform
  5. Wait for a phone call or email from our Attendance Office about next steps regarding enrollment packets and procedures. Parents seeking permits will be contacted in the order they appear in our Required Documents database.


If you need the permit application, click one of the links below:


Intra-District Permit (English)

Intra-District Permit (Spanish)




    General Information for Intra-District Permits


    If you need more information regarding permits the following links may be helpful:


    LAUSD Policy Bulletin on Intra-District Permits

    The LAUSD Permits Office



    Resident School Administrator Signatures:

    District policy requires that the resident school sign and stamp the permit to indicate that the administrator at that school has approved the release of the student seeking the permit.  This mandate applies to all types of intra-district permits except Continuing Enrollment permits.  Given the current school closures we recognize it may be difficult to obtain these signatures.  As such we will accept emails (from the resident school administrator) in lieu of actual signatures if no such signature can be obtained.


    Continuing Enrollment Permits:

    If you are seeking a Continuing Enrollment Intra-District Permit, your child must be currently attending ERJSHS.  A signature from the resident school is NOT required unless your resident school for next year is changing (for example from grade 8 to 9). For more details about the types of permits please see the LAUSD Policy Bulletin.



    Some general permit guidelines are as follows:

    Intra-district Permit Guidelines




















    Instructions for Intra-District permits are as follows:

    Intra-District Permit Instructions