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Language & Literature,

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." Sir Ken Robinson

Educational Philosophy:

Adolescence is a time of stretching intellectual boundaries, finding one's voice, and developing independence. I want to awaken my students with literature; I want to give them a confident voice in writing and speaking; I want them to be bold enough to question everything, but to always back up their ideas with evidence and logic; I want them to believe in the power that one voice can make a difference _ even though they may not see the immediate fruits of their labor. In this way, I approach each day of my teaching in hopes that it will make all the difference to them, now or someday.

What I value most about ERHS:

The students.

About Me:

Ms. Clark has been teaching at Eagle Rock High School since 2001. She received a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from Pitzer College. She teaches the Language A 10th grade Gifted/Highly Gifted Magnet and both year one and two of the IBDP Language and Literature (11th and 12th grade) course.


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