IB Exhibition

Should We Mess With Our Genetics

by Daniel Juarez

what are the impacts of new and current innovations in genetic engineering in humans and five genetic disorders caused by point mutations in humans? What are common beliefs of genetic engineering in humans? How can I help others understand the basics of genetic engineering in humans through a diagram and show the common beliefs through a trifold?

Scientific and Technical Innovation

I wanted to to learn about and research current genetic innovations and learn and research about five genetic disorders caused by point mutations in humans. Then learn where the genetic disorders that mutate in DNA in humans to design, develop, and create a hands on informative 3-D diagram of DNA that shows where the genetic disorders mutate in human DNA as well as a create a trifold that shows my research of the ethics and common beliefs of my school.

Design Teacher: Ms. Bollman-little, Mentor: Mrs. Malec

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