IB Exhibition

World Fit for Kids Benefit Concert

by Leslie Garcia

How do I plan a benefit concert in order to give back to the after school program A World Fit For Kids?

Fairness and Development

The Latin Jazz band, Big Band, and Thelonious Monk Jazz Combo all performed at this event. The event took place in the auditorium with roughly 30-50 people in the audience. About 40 people helped with the organization of this concert from helping with concessions to performing at the concert. Stage crew helped with the stage set up as they provided microphones, lighting, etc. throughout the night. The function of this product exceeded my expectations as I wasn't expecting as many donations as the concert received. The goal was to raise $300 and more was raised; $400. This money went go towards funding for needs at WFIT at ERHS. We had a small audience. Costs for this product was roughly about $40-$50. This was spent on concessions which included: candy, chips, soda, and water; each sold for $1. With the sales of concessions and the donations from those who attended the event to the donations from faculty and staff in the two weeks that followed, the goal for donations was achieved.

Design Teacher: Ms. Bollman-Little, Mentor: Ms. Silverman