Device Information

Request a Chromebook

  1. Please complete the following form to request a Chromebook:
  2. Next, fill out and sign the "Student and Parent Notification" form. This form will be collected at the pickup location. Blank forms are will be made available for those that are unable to print them at home.
  3. Wait to receive an email with pickup location and time.


The procedure for the Chromebook pickup is as follows:

  1. Please meet us at the Yosemite gate near the North Gym.
    Date & Time will be emailed days before the pickup is scheduled.
  2. Please remain in your vehicle.
  3. Hand us your completed Student and Parent Notification form.
  4. We will hand you a sanitized Chromebook and charger.
  5. If you still need to fill out the form we will have those available.
    Please remember that we will need both the parent and student signatures on the form!