Halloween Skit: A Performance to Die for

by Natalie Mc Michael

As the year winds down to an end, most of the Eagle Rock High School students look forward to one thing before Thanksgiving and Christmas break: Halloween Skit! During lunch on October 31st, the new juniors and seniors had their first battle against each other in front of the whole school. Their goal was to woo the crowd with their charming leads, intricate stunts, and most importantly, their interesting story line which is the most vital part to skit. To both juniors and seniors, Halloween is the time to show off their creativity and moves and since it is the first showdown between the upperclassman, both groups tried hard to get ahead by winning over the judges.

Before Halloween, the juniors had been working hard on their performance by getting their reps in on their practice dates. With motivating and creative coaches by their side, the class of 2020 managed to come through with their mesmerizing routine and story-building dialogue. Their first few practices weren’t easy to accomplish, but towards the end, the juniors began to bond with each other as a class and learned how to have fun.

This being their second year of skit, the seniors accomplished a very thrilling performance recreating the story of Carrie . The class of 2019 did a great job at keeping their practice information quiet and within their own group. Before the big performance, the seniors beamed with confidence about their routine and really surprised the crowd with their horrifyingly brilliant show.

The class of 2020 showed us their groovy side by choosing a Scooby-Doo theme with a mysterious twist. The juniors’ props featured a life-size Mystery Van, 70s’ fashion, hypnotizing masks and of course, the Mystery Gang! Following up on 2020’s skit promo, the school’s

breakfast burritos were altered with a ‘hypnotizing’ taste by their very own principal. The whole goal of this was to manipulate the students to attend school everyday in order to keep perfect attendance. The Mystery Gang came to investigate the problem since it had been reported by an unfazed student. In the end, they solved the problem, and unmasked the culprit which was none other than Mrs. Keipp.

On the other hand, the seniors took a scarier approach with their production. To start off their performance, the students unite and create a plan to sabotage a reserved girl named Katie’s prom experience by making the charismatic boy in school ask her to be his date. She warily accepts, but soon enjoys herself as they have an amazing time at prom as the chosen king and queen. Not too long after, things begin to take a bad turn: Katie becomes furious and unleashes her deadly, supernatural abilities on the proms’ population and ends the story with a bloodbath.

Both classes of 2019 and 2020 reached for the stars during this year’s skit performance by incorporating both horror and originality into their Halloween-themed works of art. The seniors’ routine dancing, spookiness, and script idea gained the judge’s vote over the juniors. In the end, the class of 2019 were victorious yet again, and celebrated their final year of skit with a win.