IB Exhibition

Time To Figure Out This Weird World

by Chester Cahill

Is it possible to classify a physical and conceptual interpretation of scientific time, and does it have any correlation to the way in which humans psychologically interpret the world?

Orientation in Space and Time

My project was centered on the topic of arriving at a general understanding about the effect that subatomic particles and their interactions with the environment through quantum mechanics have on the understanding and perception of physical passing time. This project was mostly trying to come to consensus if natural laws of the atomic world may have more of a contribution to our psychological perception, and in this case, particularly through the study of time. For this project, as my product, I built a grandmother clock of about 81 inches tall and 24 inches deep. This product allowed me to participate in one of my most favorite hobbies, carpentry, and also connect the clock to my research through the telling of time. My product was mainly created to represent a model for physical time and how it greatly relates and is applied to our daily lives.

Design Teacher: Ms. Bollman-Little, Mentor: Ms. Ramos-Lopez

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