IB Exhibition

Pitching Queens: A free resource for softball pitchers

by Jessica Perez

How can I create a website with easy to understand lessons on softball pitching?

Fairness and Development

For my personal project I decided to create a free resource for softball pitchers. I started playing softball when I was eight and started pitching when I was nine, I know how unreasonably expensive prices of private lessons can be, so by creating this website I wanted to give girls who don’t have the means to pay for private lessons a chance to have the same opportunities as the girl who can afford private instruction. My website features six lessons three of which I showed how to begin pitching, while the other three were words of advice for the player, her parent(s), and her coach. The process of creating this product was difficult but I am truly satisfied with my creation, I hope you enjoy it.

Design Teacher: Ms. Simonian, Mentor: Mr. Pandullo