IB Exhibition


Zero Waste Cookbook

by Annika Jose

The Benefits of Sports Psychology

by Benjamin King

Inside The Mind of Teens: Self Esteem & Mental Health

by Alyssa Panuelos


by An Nguyen

All That I Am (Music Album)

by Johnn Cabacungan

Personal Expression through Clothing

by Katherine Blanco

The Benefits of Art and its Importance

by Kayla Vergara

Who Are You?

by Paloma PeAan Lee Bondi


by Jennifer Romero

Teenage Identity

by Kalisa Vasquez-Minas

Penitentiary for Good Kids

by Anahi Valdivia

Gloomy Days

by Olivia Marquez


by Sarah Pascua

A Taste of Korea

by Amelia Kim

Fear: Inside the Mind of an Athlete

by Mathilda Barr

Human Trafficking: The Never Ending Circle

by Sidney Cabrera

Watercolors x Hand Lettering

by Amanda Lau

Try A Chromebook!: Utilizing Technology in the Classroom

by Abraham Lee

A Tarot Journey

by Emilio Muscarolas

DNA Testing and Ethnic Identity

by Itzel Whyte-Aguayo

A Guide on How to Build a Computer

by Nicholas Hadweh

My Documentation on Christianity

by Pablo Zazueta


by Jojiro Yamaguchi

Spreading Awareness through Technology

by Eleonor Trunov

Life Skills

by Maggie Beal

King's Favor

by Nolan Deyer

Beauty Standards Around The World

by Jaanai Alvarez

Current Politics: Germany vs the United States

by Nalan Westbrook

Paper Folding

by James Dimacali

Musical Transposition/Transcription

by Myles Moreno

Gentrification: Hear their Voices

by Karina Morales

Hands only CPR

by Claire Klein

Breast Cancer Website

by Julian Salazar

Melodies Within

by Haley Drum

Elba's Story

by Linda Cordoba

The World revolves around Me

by Stella Huang

The Significance of Music

by Miliza Villanueva

Index Card Art

by Primrose Thavornthon

How Does Gymnastics Affect You ?

by Sophia Le Tran

The Importance of Confidence and Skincare

by Isabella Sangolqui

Realistic Drawing

by Marian Chin

The Viability of an International Constructed Language

by Beatrix Heard

Filipino Cuisine

by Amanda Marcelo


Harmonious Psychology

by Kailani Tokiyeda

Love Is Love

by Alissa Alas-Viana

The Pahiyas Festival

by Aszley campos

Understanding Skin Care

by Jacqueline Sandoval

The Breakdown and Analysis of the Water Polo Shot

by Diego Lopez

A Lifestyle's Cookbook

by Denise C. Santos


by Angelique Calma

Pitching Queens: A free resource for softball pitchers

by Jessica Perez

To Teach Through Art

by Elise Estrada

Suicide and Depression

by Janelle Guirnalda

How Can the United states work with our allies to combat…

by Miguel Navarro

Music and Emotions

by Camille Leiva

The Shaping of the United States

by Adrian Suarez


by Jasmine Ara Cho

Hidden Illness

by Cherish Lopez

Family Cookbook

by Adrian Lopez

Korean and American Skincare

by Ariana Dimalanta

Life After a Stroke

by Jillian Machacon

Sign language Class

by Ellie Acosta

Time To Figure Out This Weird World

by Chester Cahill

Major vs Minor

by Sarah Sturdevant

World Fit for Kids Benefit Concert

by Leslie Garcia

Iron Man Hand

by Jei Wilkinson

Music Therapy

by Ruby Ardon

Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

by Esmeralda Sanchez

How to live a well balanced life

by Olivia Danao

A Cultural Conference

by Leslie Sanchez

How The Silent Film Has Retained Its Voice

by Maya Parsons

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

by Myles Nabua

Reconstructing the Face of History

by Kimberly Suratos

Solar Powered Car

by Diego Avila

Creating a Book: Separation

by Alexander Ochoa

Psychoanalysis of History's Political Leaders

by Stephanie Gramajo


by Lucas Young


by Brandon Legaspi

The Deluding

by Jacob Bernardino

Should We Mess With Our Genetics

by Daniel Juarez