Announcement November 15th

Hello, Eagles! This is Mrs.Keipp with four announcements:

  1. It is with sadness that we collectively mourn the young lives lost at Saugus High School. Please take this time to 1) hug your family, 2) review safety procedures, and 3) if you see something dangerous, please report it! The 24-hour LASchool Police Weapons phone number for anonymous reporting is (213) 202-8605. If there are after hours on-campus safety concerns, call LASPD (213) 625-6631.
  2. Local School Leadership Council had a productive dialogue yesterday about our pending bell schedule situation to support financial sustainability while meeting our governance accountabilities. We have tabled our conversation pending continued advocacy with LAUSD. We will reconvene on December 5 at 3:30pm. Preliminary conversations include a teacher ballot for a 4x2 schedule with nutrition and a straight 6 schedule.
  3. Thank you for parents and staff who participated in Coffee with the Principal this morning. We reviewed information from PTSA’s anti-vaping presentation, our LCAP goals, IB updates, and more! In the email is our school’s abridged latest LCAP data and goals plus a link to LAUSD’s LCAP information.
  4. Please complete the School Experience Survey as a student, parent, or faculty member by: Parent PIN numbers were provided to period 6 and homeroom teachers. Parents, if your student doesn’t bring you your PIN, enter 0000 followed by your child's 6-digit birth date with no dashes or slashes. For example, if your child was born October 11, 2007, enter 0000101107. There is great informational video from Hamilton High School about why their students are completing the survey: VOICE MATTERS!

Have a great weekend and Go Eagles!

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