May 3rd Announcements

Hello, Eagles, This is Mrs. Keipp with the first of three updates. The first is academics, second is for athletics and arts, and the final in information about Measure EE in June.


  1. Seniors: I sent phone calls and emails to almost 100 seniors who are in danger of not graduating on June 6. Parents, please contact Counselor Amirouche to verify your senior’s status.
  2. Middle School: Culmination Parent Letters & Music Playlist Flyers were distributed today Friday May 3, during Advisory.  All donations will be collected on Friday May 10, during Advisory.  In addition, if you have music that you would like to contribute to the Pool Party playlist, see Mr. Elizondo in the A.P Office for specific details.
  3. Congratulations to twelve eighth grade students who received a Certificate of Academic Improvement for Spring semester. 
  4. We got a small grant for Math tutoring! We will provide small group tutoring Monday-Thursday from 3:15p-4:15p in the library. The subjects will be MS Math 7, Math 8, Algebra or Geometry starting May 8 and ending May 22.
  5. Congratulations as well to 52 students and families in grades 7-12 who will be attending Monday’s Dodgers game as an attendance incentive!  They have excellent attendance as determined by LAUSD’s data goals! Thank you to AP Figueroa-Calderon and Counselor Busch for your leadership!
  6. Parents come to our PTSA meeting on May 8 at 6pm in the library to learn about vaping awareness and prevention, This is a repeat workshop because it is an escalating problem across our city and nation, especially for middle school students.


  1. AP testing starts Monday, May 6th until Friday, May 17th.  Please refer to the two attachments in the e-mail for more information, times and locations.
  2. DP testing starts Tuesday, May 6th until Thursday, May 23th. 
  3. CA Standardized Testing continues with mathematics and ELA above 75% completed. Thank you to AP Tsui, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Torres, Ms. Olsen, and our teachers who are supporting students in showing their standards-based knowledge!

In closing, congratulations to our students, families, and school staff! U.S. News ranks Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High School one of the top high schools in California and the United States. Check us out in the rankings! We are in the top 4% for the nation, 6% for California, and 8% in LAUSD! The LAUSD schools ranked above us are either charter, full magnet, or much smaller, so we are so very proud of our neighborhood public school (U.S. News Top High Schools!

Hello, Eagles, This is Mrs. Keipp with the second of three updates. The first is academics, second is for athletics and arts, and the final in information about Measure EE in June.


  1. Yearbooks are on sale for $99 at the Student Store.  They can be purchased with cash or a check.
  2. Our Beginning Band middle school concert in the Quad on April 27 was simply lovely! Join us on May 11 at 5pm for our Symphonic Band and Jazz concert!
  3. Thank you to our Graphic Arts students Edson and Omar for working with Mr. Laird to create the amazing Senior Commitment banners that are hanging in our quad! Thank you to our Senior Commitment Day committee, including ASB, SCO, JCO, Ms. Mena, Ms. Amirouche, and Mr. Oswald! Congratulations to the Class of 2019 for their future adventures in the Armed Services and schools locally, nationally, and internationally!


  1. Thank you to the six softball seniors and ten baseball seniors who were recognized by their families and teams this week!
  2. Congratulations to our boys volleyball team for a passionate and energetic playoff game against Chatsworth last night. They ended the season undefeated in Northern League! Thank you to Coach Tim and twelve seniors!
  3. Congratulations to our Swim Team for finishing 6th (girls) and 15th (boys) overall in the City today! Special shout out to our City Champions in the 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle Kailee Ruiz and 500 freestyle Johanna Pearson! Thank you Coach Anita for a great rookie year and our eleven seniors!
  4. Good luck to our Track and Field team which competes in Northern League tonight at Sotomayor!

In closing, Teachers Appreciation Week is next week! Please send a note of appreciation to our teachers! PTSA and Boosters are providing lunch for our teachers on National Teachers Day on Tuesday, May 7. For donation:

For signup to donate a dish or volunteer:!/showSignUp/10c0f45a8a62caaf58-erhs2


Subject: Have You Heard About Measure EE on June 4th ballot?

Have you heard about Measure EE, a local school funding parcel tax, on the June 4, 2019 special

election ballot? Check out for all the details.

If approved by two-thirds of voters in a special election on June 4, 2019, Measure EE would provide local

school funding to support Los Angeles public schools through a 16-cent per square foot parcel tax for 12


Measure EE funds would be used to retain and attract quality teachers, reduce class sizes, and support

instructional programs including arts, music, science, technology, English and math. To ensure funds are

allocated and spent as approved by voters, Measure EE funds will be subject to accountability provisions

including an annual independent audit, and review and public reporting by an Independent Taxpayers

Oversight Committee.

Seniors citizens and certain low-income property owners with disabilities would be eligible for an

exemption from the cost of the measure.

Please note: the deadline to register to vote in the June 4 election is Monday, May 20. To register

to vote, please visit the Secretary of State’s website at:

Attached in the e-mail is more information about Measure EE.

Thank you for your attention.