For safety and supervision:

During LUNCH, the building will be closed.   For teachers who are willing to have students in the classroom at this time, please make sure they are supervised and not in the hallways.  

After school, at 3:30pm, all stairwells will be locked.  The buildings will NOT be re-opened after this time.  Please plan accordingly.

As we reflect on campus safety, please be reminded that:

1.    Afterschool: To ensure a safe school, the campus is closed after 3:30pm for students who are not in supervised activities, such as athletics, clubs, or tutoring. We have supervision available through A World Fit for Kids, which is a free afterschool program. Attached are the calendar and application for middle school and high school.

2.    Digital Citizenship: Continue to monitor the responsible use of technology. Some examples are logging out of accounts on District-issued devices, working in Schoology, Mozi, Unique or other platforms using your personal District log-on, and posting appropriate, respectful work.

3.    Food delivery: Delivery of food should only be done by a student’s family member and brought to the attendance office. Handing items through the fence causes significant risk. Students using outside vendors and deliveries during school time jeopardize the safety and security of our campus and student health. Food deliveries from a restaurant will not be accepted.

4.    Traffic: Thank you for continuing to model safe driving behaviors during drop off and pick up times. Students crossing La Roda from the park put themselves in harm’s way; please use the sidewalk.



Campus Security  -- GATES

Gates are to remain closed at all times for the safety of everyone on campus.

1)In the morning the South Gym gate is open and it closes at 8:00 am.  If you exit during the day, make sure the gate is closed and locked. 

2) The Auditorium gate is open in the morning and it closes at 8:00 am. It will reopen in the afternoon for student dismissal and close at 3:05pm.

3) Cafeteria gate is open in the morning and closes by 8:00 am and it is to remain closed. If you exit during the day, make sure the gate is closed and lock.  After 3:10pm the gate will be closed, but not locked. If you exit make sure the gate is closed.

4) Title One gate opens in the mornings till 8:00am is closed the rest of the day and will reopen for dismissal at 3:00pm. It then remains open till 6:00pm for now and will extend to 7:15pm in January. 

 *** The only entrance that is open during the day is the main entrance and it closes at 4:30pm.  Also remember that the doors to the buildings close at 3:30pm. Please remind students to retrieve items from their lockers when they leave the building at the end of the day.