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jasper sundeen

Jasper Sundeen

My name is Jasper Kenzo Sundeen. I am a senior, one of Eagle Rock High School’s Associated Student Body Presidents. I have been a part of this club since my freshman year and was Vice President last year. I am captain of the varsity soccer team. I love this school and I love the students who I am lucky enough to call friends. I am lucky enough to lead an astoundingly great and competent ASB. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

As for who I am, I could say a lot, but I’d rather you just meet me and decide for yourself. I believe in people and what they can do. I believe that you can succeed if you try your best and that you are the one that lays your own path.

I am proud to call Eagle Rock High School my home. Rock on.


mackenzie westman

Mackenzie Westman



Juan Ibarra


Esther Laguna

Hey!! My name is Esther!:) I am a senior and I am the ASB Vice President! I have been involved with ASB for 2 years now and it's great! I enjoy the beach, flowers, and dogs! I am in charge of the spirit committee and entertainment. I work with really amazing rad people and I hope both committees excel and have a cool school year. For any questions or concerns contact me at or on instagram @esssther :)

Lilian Ngo

Hi, my name is Lilian Ngo! I'm a senior here at Eagle Rock, and this year I'll be taking on a role as 1 of 4 of your ASB Vice Presidents. Last year, I worked with two amazing gals: Esther and Susan in the thank yous committee. This year, as a Vice President, I work specifically with dance and thank yous committee. My goal for this year is to work well with my awesome peers and create an even more positive environment that appreciates and accounts for all students and staff at the Eagle Rock campus.
Along with being in ASB, I also take on a leadership/board role in other clubs including the BRIDGES mentor program and Youth United Community for Action.
Fun facts: I have a twin brother! I'd describe myself as a very girly person hence my interest for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle! My music taste includes pop, r&b, and a little rap and soul. My friends describe me as a compassionate person who motivates them!
If you'd at any time like to reach me, feel free to contact: or dm me on Instagram @lilian.nn

Destiny  Ruiz

I'm Destiny and I'm one of the Vice Presidents! Just an fyi, I'm a kpop enthusiast who loves the color green, pasta, and studio ghilbi films! As vp, my goal for this school year is to achieve a lot by bringing back school spirit  & having a lot of asb fundraisers! :-)



Simone Midby

Hi I’m Simone, and I’m a sophomore at Eagle Rock High School! I’m an ASB Secretary, in Eagle Rock’s Theatre Company, and I love waffles.  It’s my second year as ASB Secretary and I’m excited for this school year because we have so many great ASB board members and general members that I love. My goal is to help the school community and support everyone on campus whose hard work goes unnoticed.


Lani Tunzi



Sherryn Jose


Kathrisse Montales



Brianna Uresti

Hey! My name is Brianna Uresti, a senior at ERHS! I have been Historian for the second year now and have been a part of ASB for 4 years. I actually started up the ASB website my junior year to allow students to view what this group is all about so I hope you enjoy it!

Besides ASB, I am involved in Drill Team, Bridges, & Speech and Debate. I love being involved in school activities so I always carry my camera by me to take photos of the special moments. I also love meeting new people and being able to know everyone. My goal for my very last year is to just make it as memorable as possible!

If you ever have any questions or wanna contact me, dm me on IG @briannauresty or email me at

Katelyn Mendez



Lauren Arriola


Naima Corea



Ella Paradowski


Quinn Pierson



Mathilda Barr



Sunny Tan

Hey guys! I'm Sunny who got to Tan ;-) I am one of the commissioners for Special Events. I am a senior who is 5ft tall that still feels like a 5 year old. Tell me a cheesy and dumb joke and I will probably laugh. My goal is to make this school year as memorable as possible for everyone. I also want to make my last year, the best year! I am so excited to meet and work with new people this upcoming year! Anyways, feel free to follow me on IG @sunnygottatan.


Susan Kao

Hey there! I am just your average gal named Susan Kao! (Yes, my last name is pronounced as cow, *cue the moos) I am one of the Special Events Commissioner and currently a senior at Eagle Rock. My life consists of me obsessing over fifth harmony, being quirky, drinking some flavored tea, and playing random cooking games. However, this is my second year in ASB, and I am super excited to lead Special Events throughout this school year! I would like for us to achieve the goal of creating an uplifting environment for all and to make this school year amazing! You can follow my Instagram @susan.kk, if ya wanna! :-)



Migel Dino


Alessandra Mendez

I am Alessandra Mendez, I am currently in 9th grade and am one of the commissioners of entertainment. If you have any questions email me at or text me at (818)-448-2009.


Destiny Trejo



Eric Garcia