Juniors' Skit

by Carol Palomino

It’s Halloween time, which at Eagle Rock High School, means time for the great showdown between juniors and seniors in the annual Halloween skit. Each year, both classes prepare a 6-minute skit packed with acting, dancing, and elaborate backdrops. Although this is the class of 2019’s first time participating in the ERHS skit experience, they seem as ready as can be, with hours of preparation and practice under their belts.

This year, the juniors have cooked up a skit with the theme “Children of the Corn.” Their theme is based on the 1977 short story by Stephen King, which was eventually made into a horror film in 1984, following a cult of killer children who terrorize the town of Gatlin, Nebraska to maintain a successful corn harvest. However, don’t expect anything you have already seen before because the juniors have put their own twist on the story. They are ready to transform the quad into an eerie cornfield, while students Nicolette Papavasiliou, Veronica Tossberg, Miranda Garavito, Michael Zamora,  Brian Adonis, and Lilli L., take on the roles of leaders of the cult. The students playing the main characters had to go through an audition process that took place in Ms. Villegas’ room, where they read lines back and forth with another student. Nicolette P. said that skit has been an experience that has boosted her confidence since it requires public speaking and coming out of her shell.

Fabiola Roldan, Giselle Lopez, and Jeankarlo C. are the juniors’ head choreographers this year, one of their main goals being to bring each junior in skit a positive and enjoyable experience.

The choreographers are not the only ones putting in hours of work to make their skit successful. It’s all hands on deck with people working on costumes, props, backdrops, makeup, and all the works. They’ve been putting in hours of work, practicing every Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours. That doesn't even include the time that these dedicated students spend during their JCO period. Split into 2 groups, Ms. Petkova and Ms. Villegas watch over the class officers, who scatter around the school to get tasks done for the skit. You might find them working on the skit reveal poster on the second-floor balcony, or painting their backdrops and props in the quad during seventh period.

Although skit is a competition, the juniors have learned that the experience is not just about winning and beating the seniors, but rather to form new friendships with people who they had never talked to before. Trinity C., who helps with props and backdrops, says, “There’s a lot of people that I didn’t talk to in my grade, but since we started working together I feel like we’re closer friends and we always bond with each other now.” These newfound friendships have only built up the juniors’ confidence and made them feel stronger. Head choreographer Giselle says,  “We actually work really well together and seeing that made me really confident and ready for future events like Dustbowl.” Although there might be ups and downs in the making of “Children of the Corn,” the juniors are prepared to take on any challenges that stand in their way together.