Halloween Skit

by Jacob Guirnalda

Eagle Rock’s annual Halloween Skit will be presented by the class of 2018 and 2019 on Tuesday, October 31st. The entire campus awaits their performances that uplift the Halloween Spirit with entertaining dance numbers and frightening storylines. While both classes have been practicing for countless hours every week in order to perfect their skits, the Seniors are definitely determined to give the audience a show to remember.

As Halloween draws near, class spirit and enthusiasm become essential during the remaining few days just before the skit performance. “It’s [enthusiasm] really important. Almost all of our guys are ‘hype-men.’ They like to pump us up during practice and motivate us to do our best,” says senior Kimberly Salcedo. This passionate and spirited atmosphere surrounding the class of 2018 allows practices to be fun and enjoyable. The energy that everyone brings to the table will likely translate to an electrifying show. Kimberly guarantees that all viewers, “can expect to see enthusiastic performers, and be entertained.”

Almost everyone can remember the amazing performance put on by the juniors last year in their Halloween skit, “Freak Show.” However, the “Infinite Ones” are hoping to surpass 2016’s show and leave the audience even more thrilled with “The Purge.” The seniors are eager to showcase something that has not really been done in recent years. “Viewers can expect to see a romance,” says Natalie Oviedo. Perhaps a love story is in store? How can one miss the chance to witness a unique display of terror with just a hint of romance? Natalie, one of the choreographers for last years skit cannot wait for the show. “I’m actually very excited to see the outcome and the performance of this years Halloween skit,” says Natalie. After months of anticipation, Eagle Rock will finally be able to see the class of 2018’s presentation of, “The Purge,” on the quad come Halloween.

This competition between the Juniors and Seniors is looking to be a fierce one, as both classes are determined to give it their all during their skits. While some may see winning not as important than having fun with friends and creating bonds with fellow classmen, senior Tyler Ambrosio has taken a different approach. “We didn’t show up to lose. Winning is what it’s about. We are going to go out there on Halloween and we are going to bring it. The Juniors better too, because if they don’t, then they definitely won’t stand a chance.” If you are looking to see a definite battle between two classes committed to outperforming the other, the seniors and juniors are not going to disappoint. The class of 2018 and 2019 are guaranteed to put on exhilarating performances that will leave the audience breath-taken and amazed.

12th vs. 11th. Class of 2018 vs. Class of 2019. “The Purge” vs “Juniors of the Corn.”