ITI - Parent Notification / Acknowledgement Form & RUP

All students must turn in a Parent Notification / Acknowledgement for Computing Devices & Responsible Use Policy form. The form must be returned to the Attendance Office.

Parent Notification/Acknowledgement for Computing Devices

PARENT and STUDENT NOTIFICATION Rules Concerning Use of Loaned Computing Devices (i.e., Tablets, Laptops) and Related Accessories Assigned to Students.

Responsible Use Policy

All uses of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) computer and network systems by students, employees, contractors, and others are subject to the LAUSD’s Responsible Use Policy (RUP).

Regla del Uso Responsable en español 

This form is required for the Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI), which provides a computing device for every student.

Congratulations to ERHS for being selected to participate in LAUSD’s Instructional Technology Initiative, which is bringing a digital device to each K-12 student in participating schools!  Students’ use of technology will transform learning. The device applications, along with our faculty’s instructional expertise, will help students soar in achieving Common Core State Standards. Once we complete our readiness checklist, our school will receive digital devices for each student. At this time, the devices will not be going home with students but will be used daily in the classroom. Our student’s problem solving, creativity and innovation will thrive with these tools! Stayed tuned for information about a parent meeting in January! Our goal is to finish the checklist as soon as possible so that our students can use the devices during this Spring semester.